Our Trout Lake East farm in the U.S. sits on 350 hectares (866 acres) in central Washington. That’s about the size of Central Park in New York City, NY!


At Trout Lake East, ensuring purity of our Nutrilite™ ingredients starts with the crystal-clear water we use for irrigation. It comes from the pristine Columbia River Basin.

And the well that feeds our root washing station taps into prehistoric water deposited underground during the ice age. It may be old, but it’s pure!

Our soil is pure, too. It’s been certified organic for the last 20 years with records to prove it.

And above ground we keep things pure by using good bugs that eat bad bugs and falcons that soar through the sky to scare away harmful birds. Just another way we go above and beyond, we don’t use any harmful pesticides or herbicides.   And, we test every botanical when we harvest it! 


Our product safety efforts are rooted in our soil.

We use 3,000 tons of custom-made compost at Trout Lake East each year and we make sure it’s free from pesticide residue or other contaminants.

To say we are detail-oriented is an understatement. We have maps of every field showing exactly what section of each lot was weeded and harvested on what date, by whom and with what equipment. In this way, our process is tracked throughout every step, because we document every harvest, and every seed’s lifespan, knowing exactly every touch point of that seed.

Our root-washing station includes proprietary equipment that combines forced air and a vacuum to remove the “sticky water” that remains after washing. This helps prevent the growth of microbes.


For you, our customers, we’re always taking steps to create the most effective products possible.

That’s why we use GPS-controlled tractors and implement guidance systems to help control weeds by tilling the soil less than one inch from the crop. No synthetic herbicides needed! Is this what you visualize for all organic farming? Well, this is the Nutrilite way – this is just one way we go above and beyond. 

And we monitor our crops for the precise harvest to achieve the highest nutrient levels possible. It’s usually a window of only a few days to complete harvesting – start to finish – so our crews are always at the ready.

We use a specially-designed kiln bed dryer made for our diverse range of crops. It reduces drying time by half, which helps preserve peak phytonutrient levels and other key ingredients.

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